US President Donald Trump Announces Federal Guidelines to Reopen Economy, Governors in a Limbo

  • The US President Donald Trump announced federal guidelines of reopening the US economy. The onus of reopening the states would depend upon the respective governors. President Trump made it clear that the strategy of reopening would depend upon “hard verifiable data” and before reopening the “benchmarks must be met at each phase.” Trump made it clear that “We are not opening all at once, but one careful step at a time.” Many governors have said that they are considering Trump administration’s new guidelines of reopening the state economies. However, they are worried about the risks associated with moving too fast, especially when there are unresolved issues such as testing shortages. After the US President Donald Trump called the measures imposed by Minnesota, Michigan, and Virginia as “too tough”, demonstrations calling to end the shutdown have been seen on streets of many states including Michigan, Virginia, Minnesota, North Carolina, Kentucky, Utah, and Ohio. The advisers of Donald Trump, inside and outside the White House, have urged him to tread a fine line while opening up the economy as polling suggests that average Americans look to take a more measures approach. It seems too risky to open up the US economy immediately as the US recorded the highest daily death toll (4,591 deaths) in just 24-hours on Thursday.