US President bypasses Congress to Approve Billion Dollars of Weapon Sale to Saudi Arabia

  • The US President Donald Trump has bypassed the US Congress by using a rarely used federal law for approving US$8 billion weapon sale to Saudi Arabia. He went on to cite the ongoing tensions with Iran and called it a national emergency for approving the deal. Reports say that the US will also sell weapons to its strategic allies in the Middle East - United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Jordan. The US Congress was notified about the decision of this weapon sale to the Saudi Arabia by the United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. In the written statement, Pompeo said that the “immediate sale” of weapons to the Saudis were necessitated after the heightened tensions in the middle East owing to the “Iranian malign activity”.  Democrats have criticized this decision by saying that the Trump administration is bypassing the US Congress for “granting favors to authoritarian countries”.