US Imposing Visa Restrictions on Certain Chinese Officials for Undermining Autonomy in Hong Kong

  • The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that the United States government has decided to impose visa restrictions on current and former officials of the Communist Party of China, who are believed to be responsible or complicit for undermining “high degree of autonomy” and freedoms in Hong Kong. The move comes just before the start of a 3-day meeting of China’s  Standing Committee of the National People's Congress from Sunday, where the new national security legislation for Hong Kong is expected to be enacted. Pompeo went on to say that the announced visa restriction followed the US President Donald Trump’s promise of punishing Beijing over the proposed security law that is perceived to erode Hong Kong's autonomy. In fact, the US Senate recently voted in favor of imposing sanctions on individuals who are undermining the autonomy of Hong Kong and also the banks that are doing business with those concerned individuals. The Chinese embassy in Washington has responded by saying that they firmly oppose the US decision of imposing visa restrictions on certain Chinese officials or communist party members of China. In a statement, the embassy urged the US to correct the mistake, “withdraw the decision, and stop interfering in China's domestic affairs.”