US Federal Court in Washington Issues Warrant to Seize Iranian Tanker

  • A day after a judge in Gibraltar rejected the USA’s attempt to keep an Iranian oil tanker detained, the US justice department issued a warrant for seizing the tanker. A US federal court issued a warrant by addressing the "United States Marshals Service and/or any other duly authorized law enforcement officer" calling for the seizure of the tanker and funds amounting to US$995,000 from a US bank account of an Iranian company, Paradise Global Trading LLC. The company allegedly violated the International Emergency Economic Powers Act and was reportedly involved in terrorism forfeiture statutes, money laundering, and bank fraud. The US federal prosecutor Jessie Liu said: "a network of front companies allegedly laundered millions of dollars in support of such shipments". The US detained the Grace 1 supertanker on July 4, 2019, on suspicion of illegal transportation of 2.1 million barrels of oil to Syria. Iran had called it an "illegal interception".