US-Brazil Pledge US$100 for allowing Private Sector Development in Amazonia Rainforests

  • The USA and Brazil during a meeting in Washington pledged a US$100 million biodiversity conservation fund for conserving biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest through the promotion of the private-sector development. The foreign minister of Brazil, Ernesto Araujo, said that opening up the Amazonian rainforest for the private sector will help in protecting it. Araujo also hit out at the critiques about the Brazilian government’s inability of fighting the widespread wildfire (till now over 80,000 wildfires have broken out in the Amazon). While talking to the media, he said that the campaign saying the Brazilian government was unable to cope with the challenges was false. Most of the experts believe that most of these wildfires were not natural but ‘man-made’ (especially by loggers and large farmers) for freeing up forestland for either grazing or crop production.