US: After Schools Reopened, As Many As 97,000 Children Tested Positive

  • As per reports by the American Academy of Pediatrics, as many as 97,000 children tested positive for COVID-19 in two weeks after schools reopened in the United States amid the Coronavirus pandemic. In the interim, nearly 100,000 children tested positive in the US in the last two weeks of July. Meanwhile, in the same month, about 25 kids lost their lives in the US due to COVID-19. The reports contradict the belief that children are less susceptible to the virus. Between July 16 to 30, the US reports 5 million cases of Coronavirus, and 3,38,000 were children. During this period, as many as 1,62,000 fatalities were reported. On the matter, Dr. Tina Hartert from Vanderbilt University told a leading news portal that COVID-19 testing should be increased in children to determine what role they play in transmission.

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