UN says Chilean Soldiers and Law Enforcement Personnel Committed Serious Human Rights Violations

  • The United Nations said on Friday that the Chilean police and soldiers have committed serious human rights violations by using excessive/unnecessary force in quelling recent demonstrations. In their report, the U.N. human rights office has said that in their investigation they have found that an “alarmingly high number” of 345 people have suffered eye injuries due to firing of lead pellets by security forces from their anti-riot shotguns. In a news briefing, U.N. mission leader Imma Guerras-Delgado said that they have “found that the overall management of assemblies by the police was carried out in a fundamentally repressive manner”. The UN report also highlights the “unlawful killings and injuries, arbitrary detentions, and torture and ill-treatment including sexual violence” as some of the serious human rights violations carried out by the Chilean police and soldiers. Reports say 26 were killed, 28,000 detained (including 1,600 people remaining in pre-trial detention), 113 people tortured, over 4,900 people injured, and sexual violence carried out in 24 cases.