UN, Houtis Confirm Unilateral Redeployment of Forces in Yemen for Peace Negotiations

  • The United Nations and Houthi spokespersons have said that Yemen’s Houthi group would start redeploying forces out of three key ports on a unilateral manner on Saturday. Reports say this move will help in political negotiations for ending four-year war in Yemen that has killed more than 70,000 people and endangered lives of 14 million people, who are on the brink of starvation. The UN’s Redeployment Coordination Committee’s (RCC) statement has said that the “initial unilateral redeployment” would be done during May 11-14, 2019 from the ports of Saleef, Ras Isa, and Hodeidah (main port only). Mohammed Ali al-Houthi (head of the Houthis’ Supreme Revolutionary Committee) has confirmed through his Twitter handle that the withdrawal process from the key points will start on May 11 at 10 am (0700 GMT). However, the Saudi-backed Yemeni government hasn’t yet made it clear whether they will make a similar reciprocal move.