Two typhoons over Pacific, Goni to hit Japan

  • Two typhoons over Pacific, Goni to hit Japan

    Aug 21, 2015 - In a satellite photo, two typhoons can be seen over the Pacific. Of these two, Typhoon Goni is projected to make a landfall, clipping Philippines and Taiwan and would then possibly hit southern Japan. According to media reports, the other typhoon, Super Typhoon Atsani, which is more powerful and has wind speeds of 155 mph gusting to 186 mph, is expected to spin over open waters and would curve east south of Japan. As per the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, Goni is currently about 90 miles from the northeast tip of Luzon in the Philippines but the northern extremes of the country are already experiencing the fury of the typhoon, which is blowing at 133 mph with gusts of 161 mph.

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