Turkey Local Elections may Decide Fate of President Erdogan in the Coming Days

  • Over 57 million registered Turkish voters have started casting their votes in the local elections. President Tayyip Erdogan has regarded this election as a matter of survival for Turkey. Erdogan has been ruling the country for the last 16 years with the country witnessing strong economic growth. However, poll analysts believe that the ruling AK Party (AKP) may lose the election in capital Ankara as well as Turkey’s largest city Istanbul. The analysts believe that the on-going economic recession, 20 percent inflation, and drastic fall in the value of Turkish currency Lira (leading to many bankruptcies) may lead to the fall of AKP in these two local elections. Provinces in eastern Turkey started voting at 7:00 am, voting in the rest of Turkey started at 8 am local time. Polling will continue till 4 pm in eastern Turkey and 5 pm in the rest of the country.