Trump Administration announces Restoration of UN Sanctions on Iran, Other UNSC Members Rejects US Move

  • The Trump administration is preparing for an ugly showdown in the upcoming annual General Assembly as the United States has declared the restoration of all UN sanctions on Saturday. The rest of the world has rejected this unilateral US move and called it illegal. Precisely at 8pm (Eastern Time zone) on Saturday, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo notified the UN Security Council through a statement that they have triggered the “snapback” mechanism. The statement says: “The United States took this decisive action because, in addition to Iran’s failure to perform its JCPOA commitments, the Security Council failed to extend the UN arms embargo on Iran, which had been in place for 13 years.” It went on to say that the USA has initiated the snapback process, in accordance with their UN rights, to make the world a safer place. The statement also said that this process “will restore virtually all previously terminated U.N. sanctions, including the arms embargo.” Pompeo said that the US is prepared to use its domestic authorities if the other member states of the UN “fail to fulfill their obligations to implement these sanctions”. The US executive order is expected to be released by the White House on Monday after the State and Treasury departments outline the way the foreign businesses/individuals will be penalized for violations. While Russia and China persistently reject the unilateral US move, US allies such as Germany, France, and Britain have written to the UN Security Council’s president saying that the US move “is incapable of having a legal effect and so cannot bring in to effect the procedure.” The US allies who remain committed to the Iran deal say that the snapback of the United States is illegal because the Trump administration had withdrawn from the nuclear deal in 2018 and re-imposed American sanctions on Iran. However, the US says that they still retain the right to snapback UN sanctions because they continue to be a UN Security Council member and also an original participant in the Iran deal.