Toronto mayor linked to prisoner

  • There have been details regarding the Toronto Mayor Rob Ford visiting jail late-night in March. He had asked for a tour of the Toronto West Detention Centre but was denied. He then later asked to specifically meet with Bruno Bellissimo but ended up being denied again. This information comes from various sources including the inmate's mother. 

    Bellissino had been an inmate at the time for assaulting his parents and has been in trouble for drugs as well. The mayor's ties with Bellissino as well as to others that are involved in the drug trade are being questioned. 

    The two had been classmates and friends since they were about seven years of age. Neighbors have seen Ford at the inmate's residence and he was once also pictured with three members of a drug-deal gang at another classmate's bungalow. However, this picture and the details surrounding it have not yet been explained. 

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