Titanic's 'last mystery' turns into a joke

  • The "last mystery" of Titanic was a question of whether or not a 2-year-old child on the ship go down with it. 

    Loraine Allison would have been the only child traveling first- or second-class to have died in the tragedy but a woman stepped forward after 28 years and claimed she was Allison. Helen Kramer mentioned that she was in a lifeboat with a man who told her of her identity and said he was the ship's designer Thomas Andrews. 

    Allison's wealthy family brushed her off for several years but Kramer's granddaughter began to post online claims after Kramer's death, saying she wanted to write a book on the story and sell mouse pads and mugs. Allison's family got a restraining order and DNA testing couldn't confirm the story was true either. 

    Kramer's granddaughter Debrina Woods continues to claim she has proof that the case is true but an Allison family member referred to it as being a "colossal fraud." 

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