This could be the scariest tourist attraction in the world

  • You will not want to "Step Into the Void" if you're scared of heights.

    Visitors to the French Alps will now be able to experience looking at the world through a glass box suspended at a 12,605-foot peak called the Aiguille du Midi. 

    It's being called the tallest attraction on the continent with a 3,280-foot drop directly below it. 

    A French tourism company is responsible for this scary attraction, which features five transparent sides composed of three layers of glass. "Step Into The Void is a first at this altitude, a first in the materials used, a first in the techniques used, first in the extreme conditions that can live here all the year," a spokesman said. "This unique structure design represents a true technological innovation in glass and steel architecture. It can withstand winds of more than 220 km/h and a temperature range of 60c."

    The site took three years to complete and will finally open to the visitors on Saturday. 

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