The US Affected by Severe Cold

  • For the past ten days, the extremely cold weather has persisted over the eastern half of the United States. But, the days ahead will be worse as it is expected the end of the week will witness severe cold weather. People will not only have to bear a harsh winter but will also be affected by power outages and problems in commuting.
    The coastal areas from Georgia to Maine will be battered with ice and snow by a monster storm. By Thursday, the storm will take the shape of a winter hurricane and would bring potentially damaging winds, along with blinding snow, to the easternmost New England.
    As the pressure of the storm will plunge very fast, forecasters expect it to become a bomb cyclone. The storm may rank as the most intense in decades over the waters east of New England.
    On Wednesday, the storm will likely take shape off the coast of Florida. The National Weather Service has issued an advisory for northeastern Florida saying that travel would not only be dangerous but impossible as well on Wednesday.
    Traveling would also be difficult in Charleston as there are forecasts that the city would see one to three inches of snow and sleet. Three to six inches of heavy snow is predicted from Norfolk to the Maryland and Delaware beaches from Wednesday evening to Thursday afternoon. It has been suggested that snowfall will occur east of Washington and Baltimore. It will last from Wednesday night to early Thursday. Philadelphia and New York will also experience a coating of snow. The storm will intensify on Thursday by the time it approaches New England. It would be the coldest winter so far and temperatures are likely to be between 20 to 40 degrees below normal.