Thailand sells refugees to human traffickers

  • A refugee who was sold to human traffickers by Thai immigration officials said it seemed to be official initially. "They took our photographs," he said. "They took our fingerprints. And then once in the boats, about 20 minutes out to sea we were told we had been sold."

    Thailand has been handing large number of refugees from Burma over to traffickers. The refugees are then held for ransom along the Malaysia border. In case they themselves or their families can't afford to pay, the refugees are either used as cooks and guards or sold as farm labor for extremely little money. 

    A former captive described the condition in camps, where people died of dehydration everyday and men were brutally beaten if they attempted to escape. 

    A major general with the Thai Royal Police admitted to the existence of this "option two" program. Reports suggest that conditions were not better for the refugees prior to the program since they were held in overcrowded detention centers in Thailand and this program has in fact, substantially shrunken their ranks. 

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