Teen allowed on place after being in possession of explosives

  • A pipe bomb was discovered in the 18-year-old Skylar Murphy's carry-on bag but that wasn't enough to not let him take the international flight. 

    Murphy's bag contained black powder in addition to the bomb but they still let him board and Canada's Air Transport Security Authority took four days to contact the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The teenager was then sent back to Canada and arrested. He pleaded guilty to being in possession of dangerous explosives and still hasn't explained as to what he planned on doing with it. 

    Murphy has been fined with $100 and banned on possessing ammunition and firearm for a year. In addition to the fine, he has also been ordered to donate $500 to the University of Alberta burn unit. 

    A security rep mentioned that it is not in the hands of screening officers to detain passengers but they contact the police once they see something illegal. However, "no one wants to take responsibility for what is obviously a series of mistakes," a security expert said. 

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