Tanks deployed after deadly Cairo clashes

  • The Egyptian army has deployed tanks and armored troop carriers to guard the presidential palace in Cairo following clashes between supporters and opponents of President Mohammed Morsi.

    At least five people were killed and hundreds injured in the violence.

    However, despite their presence, reports emerged this morning of a fresh outbreak of stone throwing between the two sides.

    In the past week, the unrest has escalated in Egypt over a controversial draft constitution.

    The government has maintained that a referendum will go ahead this month.

    On November 22, Morsi issued a decree granting himself sweeping new powers.

    According to the decree, Morsi's decisions cannot be revoked by any authority, including the judiciary, until a new constitution has been ratified and fresh parliamentary elections are held.

    The draft constitution, which has triggered widespread protests, was rushed through parliament last week.

    If approved, it will overwrite all constitutional declarations, including Morsi's decree, and a new parliament is likely to be elected within 60 days.

    Morsi, who narrowly won Egypt's first free presidential election in June, has said he will give up his new powers after the new constitution is ratified.