Successful launch of NASA's New Planet Hunter, TESS

  • On Wednesday evening, NASA launched its new planet hunter, TESS successfully on a Space X Falcon 9 rocket.The scientists at NASA believe that with its invention they can explore a completely new world in the universe. At the moment, the astronomers are familiar with nearly 4,000 alien worlds outside the solar system. With this technology, the numbers will increase by a factor of five.

    TESS is seen as a high-powered successor to the Kepler space telescope which has orbited the sun close to the Earth for the past 10 years and discovered most of the exoplanets known to science. TESS will be placed in Earth's orbit which will take it closer to the moon in about two months after its launch.Even if TESS is unable to detect any alien life immediately after its launch, it will continue to administer the census of our celestial neighbourhood, offering other insights into the solar system.