Somalia's Suicide Bombing kills atleast 26 and Injures around 50 including Foreigners

  • A suicide bombing attack in Somalia killed prominent journalist Hodan Naleyah along with at least 25 others including the journalist’s husband. Authorities say around 50 people have been injured in the dastardly attack. Islamist group al-Shabab, who claimed responsibility of the attack, first rammed an explosive-laden bomber car into the Asasey hotel (located at Kismayo port), thereby making way for other gunmen to storm the building. Authorities have said that many foreigners (including 2 Americans, 1 British, 3 Tanzanians, and 3 Kenyans) have died along with a local politician. The attack took place at a time when regional politicians as well as clan leaders were discussing about an upcoming regional election. Regional President Ahmed Mohamed said that it took the security agencies around 12 hours to regain control of the hotel. During the counter-offensive, 3 terrorists died and 1 was captured.