Scott Morrison-led Liberal-National Coalition Government of Australia Loses 1-Seat Majority

  • Australian PM Scott Morrison-led Liberal-National coalition government lost its one-seat majority today. Liberal candidate Dave Sharma (former Australian ambassador to Israel) lost to Independent Party candidate Kerry Phelps at Sydney’s Wentworth constituency. The by-election in the affluent constituency was necessitated after ex-PM Malcolm Turnbull resigned, following an inner-party coup. The reported loss of the Morrison-backed Liberal candidate was due to the disillusionment of voter backlash, fuelled by anger over Malcolm Turnbull’s ousting. Turnbull reportedly held the Wentworth constituency by a comfortable 18 percent margin. Reports say the voters were also disillusioned by the sudden announcement of Morrison about considering to officially recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, a major departure from Australian foreign policy on Israel. However, the Liberal-National coalition is likely to complete its full term (the national election is going to take place during mid-May 2019) as Phelps said she has “no intention of bringing down the government”.