Riots in Bangladesh after leader sentenced to death

  • The Supreme Court decision to sentence Bangladesh's prominent leader Abdul Quader Mollah to death has resulted in riots. 

    The former assistant secretary general of the banned Jamaat-e-Islami party has been convicted of war crimes and is expected to spend his life in prison. 

    The rioters set fire to shops and vehicles in Dhaka and the activists call for those that insult Islam to the extent of such a penalty. Thousands of these Islamic activists took control of the area after being seen fleeing the Motijheel area. 

    The protesters blocked the main streets and turned the area around the largest mosque in the city to a battleground. Some agencies have reported the death toll to be 10 and suggest that around 60 people, including two journalists have been injured. 

    Between one and three million people have died in the nine-month long war and the now banned Islamic party acknowledges the fact that it opposed the struggle for independence of the country. 

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