Polls Open in Portugal's General Election, Socialist Corda is Expected to Retain Power with Slender Margin

  • The polling for Portugal's general election has opened on Sunday morning. The incumbent Prime Minister Antonio Costa (belonging to center-left Socialist Party) is running for re-election and opinion polls predict a slender win for him during this election (which may require him to seek support from other political parties). The opinion polls predict that the Socialist leader may get 36.5-38.8% vote. Gauging the popular mood, Prime Minister Antonio Costa in a campaign on Friday sought adequate strength from his supporters so that his government could “guarantee 4 years of stability and not be a short-term government.” During 2015, PM Costa received parliamentary support from the Communists, the Left Bloc, and Euroskeptic parties. Though the love-affair among these parties has waned in these 4 years, reports say Costa may have to renew ties with Left Bloc/Communist Party/People-Animals-Nature parties. The Social Democrats (main opposition party) are expected to get less than 30% vote and far lesser seats than before.