Belgian police discovers Paris attacks suspect’s hideout in Brussels

  • Belgian police discovers Paris attacks suspect’s hideout in Brussels

    Jan 08, 2016 - The Belgian police have discovered what they believe to be a Brussels apartment where one of the militant hid after the deadly 13 November attacks. As per media reports, the police has found traces of explosives and a fingerprint of Salah Abdeslam in the apartment located in the Schaerbeek district. 

    Paris terror attacks: 130 killed, 180 injured in 'night of horror'

    Nov 13, 2015 -France has declared a national emergency after about 130 people were killed in gun and bomb attacks in the capital Paris.

    Many of the casualties occurred in the Bataclan concert hall, where gunmen opened fire and took hostages. The siege ended after security personnel stormed the hall, but not before at least 80 people were killed.

    The French government has also tightened the country’s borders.  

    People were also shot at bars and restaurants. More than 180 people are believed to be injured.

    These are the worst attacks to hit Europe in more than a decade. French president Francois Hollande described them as a “horror”, and vowed to wage a "merciless" battle against terrorism.


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