Pakistan releases 337 Indian prisoners

  • Pakistan released 337 Indian prisoners, most of which were fisherman, in an attempt to improve ties with India. 

    However, this attempt has been undermined by the incident that happened earlier this month along the border dividing the Kashmir region. 

    These prisoners had been detained for straying into what Pakistan sees as its area. They were allowed to return to their country through the Wagah border between Pakistan and India. 

    A 17-year old fisherman, Kailash Nathu who headed home said "Pakistan and India were one country in past, they should compromise with each other and live peacefully like brothers."

    An Indian spokesman said "this is normal process and not a reciprocal one". According to him, only those who have completed their terms have been released.

    Indian foreign ministry spokesman said the capital of India would not make a reciprocal gesture. 

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