Pakistan approves Musharraf election bid

  • Pakistan has given former military leader Pervez Musharraf the green light to run in next months’ general elections.

    Musharraf is to stand as a candidate in the remote northern district of Chitral, after being rejected in two other regions of the country.

    The former general, who led Pakistan for nine years after seizing power in a military coup, returned home from self-imposed exile last month.

    He faces a number of charges relating to his time in office.

    Among them, is the failure to provide adequate security for opposition leader Benazir Bhutto after she returned from exile in 2007.

    Two deadly explosions, in which nearly 140 people were killed, took place shortly after Bhutto’s arrival in Karachi on October 19. She was killed later that year in December at a rally in Rawalpindi.

    He is also wanted in connection with the murder of Baloch tribal leader Nawab Akbar Bugti and for firing the entire higher judiciary in November 2007.

    Musharraf has labelled the allegations as "baseless" and politically motivated.

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