Pakistan and Bush made drone-strike deal

  • Although, Pakistan has always been against US drone strikes, reports suggest that officials there secretly signed a drone strike deal with former president Bush. 

    A former official mentioned that civilians were never informed of the exact terms but "there was a protocol between the Musharraf government and the Americans."

    He said the civilian government, which took over in 2008 "was informed about it" 

    Reports prove that Pakistan quietly supported these strikes and received regular briefings on them. The country approved of many strikes but it's not clear as to how many of them were approved. Contrary to what watchdog groups claimed, the documents showed that no civilian lives were lost during the attacks. 

    It's clear that these strikes have caused tensions between the two countries.

    Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif recently met with Obama in order to emphasize the need to end these strikes. 

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