Pak Sufi Shrine Custodian Kills 20 in Punjab Province

  • As per reports, 20 people were murdered and many injured at a Sufi shrine near Sargoda, in Punjab province of Pakistan. The deputy police commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatta mentioned that the main suspect is the custodian of the shrine, Abdul Waheed.

    As mentioned by one of the survivors, followers were called one by one into Waheed’s chamber and were given poisoned food by him. Waheed and his companions then murdered the followers with a dagger and a stick.

    An injured woman, one of the victims, raised alarm after which police reached the shrine and arrested Waheed as well as his companions.

    Waheed, the custodian of the shrine who had set himself up as a spiritual leader, is mentally unstable, said a senior police officer. He further added that the act may have been the result of the rivalry over control of the shrine.