On day 1, US President Trump signs health care executive order

  • Donald Trump, the new president of the US took no time to assume the White House office on Friday, and making his first executive order. Trump’s first order aimed at his predecessor Obama's signature health care law.

    The order renounces federal agencies with broad powers to unwind the regulations created under the Affordable Care Act. It also includes penalty enforcement on those who fail to carry the health insurance that the law requires of most Americans.

    The order enables agencies to grant relief to every one of the constituencies affected by the 2010 health-care law including insurers, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies etc. While it is unclear about specific federal rules to be eased or lifted, there is an ample room for agencies to abolish the bevy of taxes and requirements existing under the law.

    Moreover, the order's language aligns with age old Republican belief that the government exerts too heavy a hand on the health-care system of the state.

    But giving agencies a freehand, the order guts down a set of medical benefits compelled by ACA on to the insurers to include in health plans sold to individuals and small businesses.

    The order does not mention Medicaid, but it says one of its goals is to "provide greater flexibility to States," raising the question of whether the Trump HHS might try to loosen rules for states that have expanded the program for lower-income Americans, as the law allowed.

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