North Korea's Kim Receives a "Personal Letter" with "Excellent Content" from the US President

  • KCNA, North Korean state news agency, has said that the North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has received a "personal letter" from the US President Donald Trump that contains “excellent content”. The North Korean leader has appreciated the US President’s extraordinary courage and assured to “seriously contemplate the serious content”. While the White House hasn’t yet responded to the KCNA report, South Korea's Office of the President has considered the exchange of letters positively, especially from the “perspective of continuing the momentum of the US-North Korea talks.” This is the first major official development between the US and North Korea after the talks between the two countries reached a stalemate after Hanoi summit in Vietnam. Timing of the "personal letter" to Kim Jong Un is also significant as President Trump is all set to visit South Korea and meet President Moon Jae-in next week.