North Korea has called the Madrid Embassy Raid a "Grave Terror Attack"

  • North Korean officials have made their first ever comment on the break-in at its embassy in Spain last month. They have regarded this event as a "grave terrorist attack" and went on to say that they are closely watching on the rumors that the FBI had played an important role in the break-in. A group named Cheollima Civil Defense (which is known for being committed to ousting North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un) claimed that they carried out the break-in at the North Korean embassy in Spain. They also claimed that they took out computers as well as data and handed over the evidence to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Reports say at least 2 international arrest warrants are issued. Spanish authorities say that the group that carried out the break-in involves a person named Adrian Hong Chang, a South Korean Woo Ran Lee, and US citizen Sam Ryu.