North Korea Confirms Missile Testing after Failed Vietnam Summit with the USA

  • North Korea’s state media KCNA has confirmed reports that the country’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un has supervised a military “strike drill” testing of multiple launchers that fired tactical guided weapons, which landed in the East Sea. The Korean Central News Agency has revealed that the drill performed by the defense units was intended to test the “large-caliber long-range multiple rocket launchers and tactical guided weapons”. However, defense experts say that the photographs published by KCNA shows that the weapons tested were basically “short-range, ground-to-ground ballistic missiles”. While such weapon testing violates UN Security Council Resolutions, the short-range nature of the missiles allays USA’s fear of being hit by the long-range ballistic missiles. A South Korean military analyst said that the tested missile can neutralize the advanced U.S. anti-missile defense system (THAAD) that the United States deployed in South Korea.