New law allows Bolivia's Evo Morales to run for third term

  • Bolivia has passed a new law enabling President Evo Morales to run for election for a third time.

    According to the Bolivian constitution, presidents can only serve two terms.

    Monday’s amendment comes after Bolivia's highest court ruled last month that Morales’ first term was invalid as the constitution was altered during his first four years in office.

    Opposition politicians have slated the law as unconstitutional and are set to appeal against it.

    Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera signed the law into action as Morales is currently traveling out of the country.

    Morales was elected as Bolivia's first indigenous president in 2006.

    He won again by a landslide in 2009, after changing the constitution.

    New elections are due to be held next year. However, Morales has not yet confirmed whether he will run again.

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