Nelson Mandela's condition is serious says spokesman from South Africa government

  • A spokesman of the South African government has informed the local media that the condition of Nelson Mandela, the former President and a celebrated apartheid and human rights activist, is fairly critical.

    Mandela is the first ethnic African to have been voted in as the president of the country and presently is 94 years old. He has been suffering from a lung infection, which keeps coming back, and so had been taken to a hospital in the early hours on June 8. Mac Maharaj, the presidential spokesman, has also informed the media that the doctors have assured the authorities that Mandela is comfortable in spite of his physical ailment.

    Mandela has been hospitalized and treated several times in the last few months because of his lung ailment. He was previously discharged on April 6 after hospitalization owing to lung problems. Then he had been diagnosed with drained fluid in the lung region as well as pneumonia. He had contracted tuberculosis when he was imprisoned for 27 years during the apartheid regime and since then has been susceptible to respiratory problems. A statement coming from President Jacob Zuma’s office has revealed that he was taken to a hospital in Pretoria at 1:30 am local time after experiencing lung problems in the last few days.