NC couple escaped Kenya mall attack

  • A couple from Asheville, NC had gone to Kenya for a safari. After taking a daytrip to a Nairobi mall, they fled for their lives. 

    Francis and Susan Strazzella were on the fourth floor of the mall when they heard gun shots. Francis said he knew the shooting was in the building but "couldn't tell how far away it was". 

    The couple didn't want to hide in the mall and become trapped so they went on a deck with other shoppers. They took shelter and laid under a vehicle for an hour, waiting for the police that never showed up. 

    Finally, an Australian-accented man took charged and helped them escape. The couple were received emotionally by the hotel staff who washed their clothes. 

    Francis said there is "true evil" but also "tremendous amount of good in the world." The couple were taken care of my complete strangers. 

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