Miscarriage is murder in El Salvador

  • Glenda Xiomara Cruz went to the nearest public hospital after suffering a miscarriage last October; she wasn't aware she was pregnant until she was in pain and bleeding. 

    Doctors performed two surgeries on Glenda and saved her life but she was charged with aggravated murder before she was even discharged from the facility. 

    Reports suggest that her prosecution relied on the testimony of her husband, who is said to have been domestically abusing her; she has now been sentenced to 10 years behind bars. 

    This isn't the only such case in the El Salvador, where abortion is illegal. 

    Lawyer Dennis Munoz Estanley, who worked with 29 women in jail for this reason mentioned that only one of them intentionally went through with the abortion and the rest of them had suffered natural complications during their pregnancies. 

    Moreover, all these women were reported by public hospitals; none of the private ones report these cases to the police. 

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