Mexicans form 'Human Wall' along US border, protest Trump

  • Thousands of people joined hands on Friday to form a 'human wall' on Mexican border with the United States as a mark of protest against US President Donald Trump's plan to create a massive barrier between both the nations.

    The protest that was organized by local authorities along with advocacy groups of Mexico, witnessed a crowd which included politicians, social leaders and students armed with flowers marching towards the border town Ciudad Juarez. The town of Ciudad Juarez is separated by extensive fencing from its American neighbor city El Paso.

    The enraged protesters hurled slogans at Trump, against his plans to build a wall to keep undocumented immigrants at bay and make Mexico foot the bill.

    Citing the wall as “one of the worst ideas" protestors said that the wall is just a symbol of Trump's hatred and racism.

    Under the watchful eye of US Border Patrol officers, protesters formed a human wall of nearly 1.5 kilometres. Many people on both sides of the border cross it on daily basis.

    Last week, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents had arrested close to 680 people across the US during a crackdown by the Trump administration on the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants residing in the States.

    Though officials have insisted that the raids were aimed at known criminals, the rights advocates say people with no serious criminal records were also detained.