Lopez Obrador challenges outcome of Mexico presidential polls

  • The runner-up in Mexico's presidential election has filed a legal challenge to the result of the July 1 vote.

    Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has vowed to prove that illicit money was used to buy votes and secure the victory of centrist candidate Enrique Pena Nieto.

    Pena Nieto, of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), denies the allegations.

    Pena Nieto was confirmed the winner with 38.21 percent compared to Lopez Obrador's 31.59 percent.

    Lopez Obrador, representing the Party of the Democratic Revolution, filed the complaint to Mexico's Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) just hours before the midnight deadline.

    His accusations led to a recount of around 50 percent of the votes after the results were announced.

    The IFE is expected to submit the complaints and evidence to the Federal Electoral Court next week.

    The court has until September to announce a ruling on the validity of the polls.