UK Local Elections 2017: Torries Make Early Gains

  • As per reports, the first sets of results from UK local and mayoral elections revealed that the Conservatives have achieved control of five councils, while Labour lost two.

    Lincolnshire and Somerset are among Tory gains. Lincolnshire is the same county where UKIP lost all of its seats. Labour failed to retain control in Blaenau Gwent and Bridgend.

    Reports also say that many of the authorities, including all those in Scotland, are not going to start counting until Friday morning.

    Tories gained control of 10 authorities and 523 seats, a total gain of 138 among the 20 English and Welsh counties where results were fully declared. Labour could attain control of two authorities and 349 seats, a total loss of 121. 132 seats were won by the Lib Dems, a net loss of 24. UKIP did not win any seats, a total loss of 41.