Last letter from Titanic to go up for auction

  • Esther Hart wrote her mother a letter on April 14, 1912. She mentioned in the letter that she felt too sick to eat anything recently but felt better that morning and was planning on attending a church service. The ship sank the next morning and her husband, Benjamin, could never mail it out. 

    Reports suggest that Hart found the letter in her husband's jacket after she was rescued along with her daughter. The letter, which is "the only known surviving example of its type to have written on that fateful day, surviving the sinking, and having belonged to such a well-known survivor," is expected to be auctioned in England on April 26. 

    The letter was written on the ship's stationery and includes the header, "On board RMS 'Titanic.'" The Mirror reports that it could fetch up to $166k. 

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