Kim Jong Un apologizes for the killing of a South Korean Government Worker by North Korean Troops

  • North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has sent an apology letter to South Korea's Blue House on Friday morning. He has apologized for the death of a South Korean government worker (working with the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries) after being shot by the naval troops of North Korea as he crossed the maritime border. The apology letter says that 10 rounds were fired at the man after he failed to comply with the demand of a North Korean soldier asking for identity. Once he was presumed dead, the person’s body along with the floating object he was on was burned as per the Covid-19 disease prevention measures of North Korea. While apologizing for the incident, the letter went on to South Korea say that “Chairman Kim Jong Un asked to convey that he feels very sorry that instead of giving aid to our compatriots in the South who is struggling with COVID epidemic, we have given President Moon and our compatriots in the South a great disappointment with this unseen misfortune in our sea.”