Kerry sends a strong warning to Syria

  • US Secretary of State John Kerry warned Syria about the seriousness of the threat of attack in case it doesn't hand over its chemical weapons to the international community. The warning was issued during Kerry's stop in Jerusalem where he briefed Israeli leaders on the plan of ridding Syria of its chemical weapons. 

    Kerry mentioned that the deal was also related to Iran's suspected nuclear program. He said "we cannot have hollow words in the conduct of international affairs" and referred to these crimes as being against humanity that "cannot be tolerated". 

    Israel expressed confidence in the deal and greeted it with optimism. There was, however, pessimism about whether or not Assad will actually comply. 

    Ali Haidar, the national reconciliation minister of Syria considers this deal to be a victory for his country since its a way out of the crisis and will also help avert the war against the nation. 

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