Kenya enacts World's toughest ban on plastic bags

  • In order to reduce the pollution caused by plastics, the Kenyan High Court enacted the World's toughest plastic bag ban. As per the law, from Monday, producing, selling or even using plastic bags will lead to imprisonment of up to four years or fines of $40,000. According to an official, plastic bag manufactures and sellers are the primary target of this law, but individuals too would not be spared. With this, Kenya joins more than forty other countries that have banned, partially banned or taxed single use plastic bags. The Washington Post reported, “The UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program) says that 100 million plastic bags are handed out each year in Kenya.” Judi Wakhungu, Kenya's Cabinet Secretary for the environment told the reporters, “It's affecting our water, its affecting our livestock and, even worse, we are ingesting this as human beings.”

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