Joe Biden's Campaign Team issues Scathing Response to US President Trump's 'Birther Theory' about Kamala Harris

  • The campaign team of Joe Biden (the Democratic candidate for US Presidential election 2020) has issued a scathing response to US President Donald Trump’s comment regarding Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris. Recently, Trump had amplified a “birther” conspiracy theory about Harris. The US President went on to say that she doesn’t qualify for serving as the Vice President of the United States as she was born to immigrant parents. Biden’s campaign team has called Trump’s statement as “abhorrent” and “pathetic”. Legal experts have called it a racist attack on Kamala Harris, who was born in Oakland (California, USA) on October 20, 1964, to an India-born mother and Jamaica-born father. The experts have also confirmed that Kamala Harris (the running mate of Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden) qualifies for the Vice Presidential position as she fulfills all the criteria needed including being a natural-born citizen of the US, more than 35-years of age, and a resident of the United States for more than 14-years. In an email statement, Biden’s campaign spokesperson said: “Donald Trump was the national leader of the grotesque, racist birther movement with respect to President Obama… it's unsurprising, but no less abhorrent, that as Trump makes a fool of himself straining to distract the American people from the horrific toll of his failed coronavirus response that his campaign and their allies would resort to wretched, demonstrably false lies in their pathetic desperation.”