Helicopter crashes during training and kills 4

  • A US Air Force Pave Hawk helicopter crashed while it was on a training mission in eastern England and a US official said it killed four crew members. 

    The helicopter, which was based off the Air Force station in Suffolk County, crashed at around 6 pm local time on the Norfolk coast. 

    Pave Hawks are often used to recover crew members or any other personnel during hostile situations such as war. They are a modified version of Black Hawks and practice flying mostly low and fast rather than at high altitudes. 

    The investigation, which is a complicated one due to the nature of the site, could take days and the bodies of the crew members may be left on the scene for a short while so as to preserve the scene. 

    "So the most important element, apart from showing good respect for the deceased, is to make sure that the investigation is as thorough and as careful as it can be," Norfolk Police Superintendent Bob Scully said. 

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