Hawaii cops permitted to have sex with prostitutes

  • Cops in Hawaii are looking to keep a legal protection and permission to continue to have sex with prostitutes. 

    A state bill on prostitution originally allowed undercover police officers to have sex with prostitutes but that changed after police testimony. Critics mentioned that the system is left wide open to abuse if it's allowed considering that there have been several cases where police officers have extorted sex from prostitutes. 

    A former FBI agent said he isn't aware of any other state that allows officers to do what they're allowed to in Hawaii. "Isn't one of the biggest questions here just why, exactly, Hawaii needs an exemption like this for their sex sting operations and none of the other law enforcement agencies in other states need one?" he asked. "They seem to be able to bust prostitutes and pimps in other states just fine without allowing their officers to engage in sexual acts."

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