Half of the 30M slaves in the world are in India

  • Slavery is still a big issue on the planet since there are as many as 30M slaves across 162 countries. 

    India has the highest number of slaves: 13.9M but if you take population into consideration, four percent of the total population in Mauritana is enslaved. 

    The Global Slavery Index from an activist organization in Australia called Walk Free includes cases such as human trafficking, debt bondage, and many other kinds of exploitation. 

    Only 10 countries including China and Pakistan have about three-quarters of slaves; The U.S. has 59,000 enslaved people. 

    The number of people experiencing such exploitation in wealthy countries is usually "six to 10 times higher" than what its leaders believe. 

    "Chattel" system under which, the master controls his slave and owns his descendants still prevails in countries including Mauritania, Pakistan, India and Nepal. 


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