Guards end protest by asylum-seekers at Australian offshore detention center

  • Security guards at an Australian offshore detention center in Manus Island, Papua New Guinea, on Monday, January 19, ended a blockade being carried out by asylum-seekers who were on a hunger strike.

    However, according to some activists familiar with the incident, many people at the center have continued their hunger strike.

    Praising the authorities’ action, Peter Dutton, the immigration minister of Australia, said they had responded in an "exemplary" manner.

    The detainees are against the move to shift those among them recognized as refugees to the Manus province capital.

    Asylum seekers continue hunger strike on Manus Island

    Around 700 asylum seekers are on a mass hunger strike at the Manus Island detention center in Papua New Guinea, local media reports said. The refugees who have been declining food for several days are protesting against Australian government’s move to transfer around 50 refugees to another facility in Lorengau, which is the capital of Manus Province. The Papua New Guinea and the Australian governments have said the move is only temporary and many of the refugees will re-settled in other parts of Papua New Guinea. The transfers will begin Thursday. WBPB21015





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