'Ghost Ship' could collide with Britain's coast

  • The Russian 'ghost ship' hasn't been heard of since last March but new reports suggest that it may collide with UK's coast. Lyubov Orlova is packed with rats and experts warn that it could be headed that way due to the storms. 

    Experts have also carefully noted that the current location of the ship is unknown and it was spotted about 1,300 nautical miles from the west coast of Ireland last February. After disappearing once again, signals from lifeboats detached from the vessel came in March. Although, people have speculated that the ship sank, some unactivated signals from the lifeboat suggest that it may still be afloat. 

    The rats on the ship are said to be cannibal since they're likely eating each other in order to survive. "If I get aboard I'll have to lace everywhere with poison." a salvage hunter said. 

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