French soldier stabbed in Paris

  • A soldier was stabbed through his throat at the La Defense Shopping Complex, a commercial district that lies just outside Paris. Commenting on the incident, the French President Francois Hollande has stated that authorities are now looking into any possibilities of a link between today’s incident and the recent murder of a British soldier.

    Hollande has however asked people not to jump to conclusions regarding the incident and said that the identity of the person who attacked the uniformed soldier is yet to come to the fore. A good thing about the whole sordid episode is that the life of the victim, a uniformed soldier, is not endangered. This information has been provided by the Interior Ministry in a statement.

    On Wednesday, a British soldier was stabbed cruelly in London and it is being suspected that this is a part of a terrorist strike. The two incidents, placed each after the other, are raising suspicions that there could be similar attempts at other countries as well. Hollande has however stated that the authorities will look into all the factors involved in the attack before making a comment as such. The French President has made these comments at a news conference in Ethiopia where he is presently traveling.